Friday, February 20, 2009

On Making Turnip Soup

The Concord Monitor did a lovely job showcasing the recipes form 1809 in Wednesday's food column
along with the photos by Ken Williams all food looks good. My task was turnip soup I have posted the recipe and photos, the end result was quite tasty, but arriving there was another story Enjoy!!!!!!!!!! *To make Turnip Soup.*Pear a bunch of Turnips (save out three or four) put them into a gallon of water, with half an ounce of white pepper, an onion stuck with cloves, three blades of mace, half a nutmeg bruised, a good bunch of sweet herbs, and a large crust of bread. Boil them an hour and a half, then pass them thro’ a sieve; clean a bunch of cellery, cut it small, and put it into your turnips and liquor, with two of the turnips you saved, and two young carrots cut in dice; cover it close, and let it stew; then cut two turnips and carrots in dice, flour them, and fry them brown in butter, with two large onions cut thin, and fried likewise, put them all into your soup, with some vermacelli; let it boil softly, till your cellery is tender, and your soup is good. Season it with salt to your palate.

First job determine what a turnip is ,check out the great shopping bag I carried my rutabaga/turnips home in at TG sacks, think global shop beautiful

great bags for a new genaration.

Stuffed onion with cloves

Add large crust of bread um yummy

This where I wanted to call it a day ,soggy swollen bread ugh!

Add little veggies things are looking up

Even better cover veggies with flour and fry them up

Smells wonderful

Not bad at all

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